Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

One of those days. I…  §

One of those days. I totally botched everything. At least I got my homework in. I’m too disgusted to talk about it any more, so no details. Just hoping the weekend is better. Hoping…

Okay, here’s a little bitch and moan: why don’t more word processors have two-page mode like WordPerfect 9? Word 95, Word 97, StarWriter, OpenOffice Writer, Applixware Words, AbiWord… It’s probably the most important feature for a writer or even just for any academic that has to write a lot of papers, but it only seems to exist in WordPerfect 9, which isn’t available everywhere and which is fairly unstable under Linux. Is nobody else working at 1600×1200?

Went to a graduation tonight. Always makes me think.

I am so damn tired!

I am going to bed.

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