Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

The joys of city living:…  §

The joys of city living: cycle for 14 miles, cough for 14 hours. I might as well start smoking all the time, considering the amount of pollution there is in the air around here. You should see the layers of smoggy crap that cake on my arms and legs just from a ride like that. And it’s all coating the insides of my lungs as well. Beautiful.

Hacked up my DVD player today to get rid of macrovision and region coding. Actually, it wasn’t much of a hack. Just a firmware upgrade — burn the new firmware to a CD-R, put it in the machine, and watch the MPAA/RIAA corporate machine crumble. Also tracked down an RCE defeat so that I can still watch any shitty RCE DVDs that may pop up on my (now) region-free DVD player.

Death to the capitalists! (Or something… I guess I buy too many DVDs to really wish them death… So what the hell are they so worried about? They need to have a little humility so that they don’t alienate their customers — like me!) Humility to the capitalists!

What about Philadelphia? I’ll look into it.

I’ve moved entirely to Mozilla now, as of 0.9.1. Still some image bugs, but also less crash-prone than Netscape 4.77. No IE because I use Linux all the time. I can run IE 5.5 in my Windows 98 VMWare window, but that’s a pain and I hate supporting hegemony anyway.

I’m gonna drive over and buy a slurpee.

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