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Things get very dicey…  §

Okay, things are getting complicated.

I already knew that I had a major exam Monday and two major exams Wednesday, which meant lots of studying this weekend and early in the week. Unfortunately, I just found out today that I actually have one major exam Monday and three major exams Wednesday. This makes things considerably more difficult.

To make matters worse, my laptop and Windows 2000 have been having a disagreement, so in order to get things working again and get access to all of my class-related documents stored there, I’ve been backing up the disk and installing Linux (I give up on Windows) — a process which has been taking a lot of time this weekend and making it difficult to study.

To make matters much, much worse, I found out that the battery on my webpad has drained completely since then and all of my notes — for any class — from 3 June to this week are gone forever. As if that weren’t bad enough, it also means hours of re-installing that software (my note-taker, my document database manager, etc.) as well. This is the one complicating factor I definitely didn’t need. I may be in for some serious shit…

Unfortunately, the cat has made a mess of this place completely, just to help me out. One two-liter soda with the lid off, one bag of popcorn next to the computer monitor and one large box full of peanut foam do not seem too bad… Until you leave a cat alone with them for the weekend. The whole place is a sticky, messy dump because in addition to his usual pushing of books off the shelves and dumping of the trash can, he has spread popcorn and peanut foam all over the place and then spilled two liters of Coke on it all.

Finally, there are a few other problems: my proxy account on campus seems to have been disabled for some reason meaning that I can’t get to half of my study materials until the administrative computing center opens up on Monday; I haven’t had a time to rotate the tires on my bike and adjust the gears, so riding will be very slow and difficult to and from school; I have a whole pile of money-related errands that have to be run Monday and Tuesday; Father’s day is tomorrow and my family will want to celebrate…

It’s now 8:30 PM on Saturday. By this exact time Wednesday, I will either have completed all four exams satisfactorily and cleaned this place up… Or I will be looking at another semester in school to rectify bad grades and a sticky mess which has dried to the point that it is almost impossible to tidy.

Wish me luck.

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