Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Ugh…  §

What is my weekend like?

Well, I’m studying hard. Right now I’m working on a list of terms that I have to know for tomorrow’s exam. Definitions. That shouldn’t be hard at all, right? So what’s next on the list… I’m at ‘S’ so we’re working on “simian shelf” right now.

Simian Shelf: a distinct mandibular torus that projects posteriorly from the inferior surface of the mandibular symphysis (see also inferior transverse torus).

Hmm… Okay.

Inferior Transverse Torus: the shelf-like buttress on the inside of the mandibular symphysis (see mandibular symphysis).

Ummm… sure, why not…

Mandibular Symphysis: the anterior locus of union of the left and right components of the mandible.

Well, at least I know that the mandible is the jaw bone. Or at least, I think it is — if I remember my high school classes right… I wonder if I’ll pass… [*choke*]

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