Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

New public face on things:…  §

New public face on things: screw this job search, I am going back to freelance authoring. I’ve got my next proposal/workup under construction and will be shopping it around to publishers by midweek. I feel pretty good about the decision, but money will be really tight (read: nonexistent) for a while. I guess I might see if I can find some part time labor-intensive work to get me in shape and bring in supplementary bucks.

You’ll notice a few cute changes start to occur to the page over the next few weeks as well. Well actually I suppose they’re more additions than changes — things to add a more in-real-time feel to the site and maybe draw some traffic. Why traffic? I don’t know… Because there’s so much you can do with traffic these days… Don’t ever expect a forum or chat, though. This site comes down from the ivory tower. The last thing I need is in-real-time feedback!

I’ve also discovered more rendering and general browser bugs. In Mozilla 0.9.5 serious XUL bugs can still cause things like image caching to break. Solution appears to be using the Modern theme rather than the Classic theme. In Konqueror, my pages load correctly the first time, but clicking “reload” causes them to break. Damn.

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