Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Okay, this is minorly cool….  §

Okay, this is minorly cool. I rigged up an el-cheapo Web-cam system using and old RCA camcorder with dead read/write heads and I’ll just use XawTV to disseminate (as a part of the desktop snapshot) when I want to appear. Probably a rare thing that I’ll just do every now and then for kicks.

Actually, I’m still not sure about serving snapshots from my personal system. From the moment I added the record to the DNS system and took the server online until now (just a few days) I’ve recorded 16,000+ touches from the Nimda worm. That’s in just a few days on a server that just entered the DNS and went online. That’s ridiculous. No wonder systems that have been online longer are getting hit so hard traffic-wise. Sheesh.

I was looking at a picture of myself a couple of years ago with longer hair. I liked it. I was about to slash/burn once more but now I’m thinking I want to grow it a little. We’ll see… Probably everybody will complain at me again like they did when I had a semi-goatee…

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