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Capitalism is evil. Corporations are…  §

Capitalism is evil. Corporations are evil. The free market is death to the common man and will always be so. It’s been that kind of day.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a complete leftist. In no way do I love the right wing, but the ongoing Florida vote counts by “independent” research groups have got to stop. The election was a whole year ago, get over it. War is afoot, we can’t continue to be bothered with unanswerable trifles.

And no, I don’t think Gore “would have” won if things were counted “correctly” — an overvote is an overvote, and I don’t think we should count any of them. If someone can’t be bothered to read the instructions, then they don’t respect the process and don’t deserve a vote. And if they don’t understand what’s printed on the ballot, then how can Democrats claim that such a vote has any meaning, no matter who was voted for? So why am I talking about overvotes? Because so far every recount including only undervotes shows Bush still winning. Don’t worry, you Gore folks, Al and George aren’t really all that different. Just swallow your pride a little. At least Bush can say “let’s roll” with some degree of sincerity.

How about we make a real change next time around? Could happen… [*sigh*]

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