Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Snow! Finally, we have real,…  §

Snow! Finally, we have real, permanent (as in here for more than an hour) snow in Salt Lake City. It’s only a little, but it’s a start. Maybe it won’t be a tropical winter games after all. I’m not the biggest sports fan, but with all of these big college football games, all of this food and all of this snow, I’m having a hell of a nice holiday weekend.

Now if only I could lay my hands on some usable cash… I’m trying to eBay off some equipment, so maybe that will be fixed soon as well. Then I can get down to the usual December business…

Be sure to check out the cam for a view out the window.

Addendum: my favorite thing about heavy snow is the way it turns night into day. That’s the real reason I could never live in a snow-free zone. There’s also the eerie, beautiful silence that snow makes — all traffic noise, all wind sounds, all sounds of any kind disappear. I understand the science, but the effect transcends conception or reflection. Silence of this type simply is, and I love to open a window in winter and listen to the nothingness.

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