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I hate looking for jobs….  §

I hate looking for jobs. I really think I’m barking up the wrong tree… what I’m looking for is a role, not a job — a way to make a living doing something exciting, dangerous, useful… something that maybe most other people don’t want to do? I don’t need a wage, just a place to sleep and food to eat and freedom from owing anybody anything other than my labor and knowledge.

There must be opportunities like this out there somewhere, but I am too insulated, too conventional in lifestyle, upbringing and education to have any idea where to look. I only know that somewhere out there, there are hard-working, muddy Americans doing interesting and helpful things as a lifestyle choice, rather than working a job to support suburban afternoons. If only I knew where to look, who to talk to! There are of course the nonprofits, but those all seem to start with an internship and work experience, neither of which I have.

I’ve even toyed with going out and picking up one of those government grants books, but I’m not convinced that sort of thing is legit and really don’t want to feel gullible and Forrest Gump.

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