Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Time is moving very quickly…  §

Time is moving very quickly this morning. I feel really dazed today, like I don’t know what color anything’s supposed to be. I dreamed a lot last night — maybe that has something to do with it. I seem to have been dreaming often lately. I don’t know what that means. Last night, the dreams were painful and all too real. When I woke, I was glad to be done with them… but as is usually the case, it took a while for me to sort of return to reality and be at one with the day.

I’m leaving for the library again. I live in the library. I don’t really know where else to go, though. Maybe I’ll start studying all the time in one of the coffee shops instead. Except you can’t check out books at Uncle Joe’s. I forgot about the books part. The library it is, I guess. Or maybe Ex Libris, at least, in the basement of the library, where I can crank my headphones a little. I don’t know.

Maybe I am losing it. I feel pretty good right now, but I do recently feel like I did during the summer of 2002, doing Highway 101 repeatedly, winding up and down the roads through all those trees and feeling like a suspended note, floating in midair above the hot pavement.

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