Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I am in such a good mood…  §

So… I was gonna amend my last entry before, but since the pictures I plan to post are so fantabulous , I decided to make a new entry, because don’t nobody wanna miss these. So… here are the latest fotos from my life. Oh… that’s not what I meant. Ha!

Bad pun. Fsck. Yes, I read the damn book, I liked it, go suck a… Oh well. Scroll down for pictures.

enemy (64k image)    beer (59k image)

On the left… the “enemy” card I found in my mailbox in the department today. Note the fangs and the little droplets of blood coming down off of the knife. It’s not unusual that I have a lot of enemies, but none of them have ever sent me a card before. I’m touched. There’s maybe one major suspect and one or two minor ones, but I may never know who to ruthlessly ravish for this .

On the right… the beer I had last night while working on Project 51 . As I drank it, J. had the balls to suggest that M. Python isn’t actually funny. You’re wrong, J., but I love you anyway.

Later I’m going to Jimmy’s. I shouldn’t because my academic career is in a shambles. But by God, I have drinkin’, and other things lit’rary, to do.

This parrot has passed on. No fuck.