Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Sometimes you realize little things you already knew.  §

Heh… I’m a pretty unstable person! For some reason right now, that really makes me smile.

severin says:

Hey, you know me, I do what I can, for everybody, everywhere, and that means you, too. I’m like a plastic six dollar Jesus: I can’t grant every wish, but I can grant the greasy ones. 😉

Oh shit, I forgot I was gonna add somepin to this here fscking entry. Now I’m sitting in a bar and far away from my project. I’ll still add it. Presently… presently…

aqueoushumor says:

We’re all unstable in at least one way but usually in countless ways.

Did I tell you I rather like the blog? I don’t have to call you and bore you with all the pointless things I feel like saying. It’s nice. Thanks.