Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Realizing things you already knew.  §

I’m not usually one for planning ahead or even believing in planning ahead, but it’s like 3.30 am and I haven’t been sleeping and I just got happy. After six months here I’d tentatively decided that I didn’t want to stay in school as long as Ph.D., but I’ve been getting worried about that: what if I get out there and can’t find my place still, and everything goes to shit?

Then I realized: I’ve still got deferrments! I can still go to New York in fall, 2005, without lifting another finger, if my life isn’t looking like I want it to by then! And if I do lift a finger, I can probably even score a better financing package.

But of course eyedoewanna getta Ph.D. anymore. Maybe.

Who cares. For once, I’m ecstatic that I planned ahead. Life is cool.

“My head’s on straight. My girlfriend’s beautiful. Looks pretty good to me.”

Shit, I gotta get some sleep.