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Let’s Make Enemies
Linux Kernel Swear Counts
Never Forget
Habaneros of Texas

Most frustrating thing about I-House: the damn mail system. FedEx delivers something in two days to the front door of the place. Now it’s lost somewhere in the I-House mail system. I go downstairs: “I received a package today from FedEx.” The lady seems unimpressed, so I suggest: “It’s here, I know, I checked the Web site.” She looks reluctant, so I start to walk toward the mail room and she finally gets up and follows. When she opens the door, it becomes clear that there are several mountains of packages inside. “We have someone coming at six to handle the mail,” she says, “maybe they can find your package. But don’t come at six; they’ll just have started then.” So I ask when I can count on my ‘You have a package’ slip turning up in my mailbox. She tells me in a couple of days, give or take.

Not to mention that once I got someone else’s package in my box.

Damn I-House mail system.

They’ve been grinding all day, too. Bitch, bitch.

How can someone not be impressed with blogs? They’re the most creative, most personal, and most democratic form of communication ever invented. Until we all get frontal lobe implants, they are the collective.

Or maybe deep down somewhere, I’m still an anthropologist.

So I kept telling everyone that once spring break was over, I’d start fixing and enhancing stuff here. Things I accomplished today with the blog:

  • Fixed the comment posting form so that now it’s in two floating divs instead of with a sidebar dragging its ass behind.
  • Fixed the search results form so that it’s intelligible instead of a river of shit.
  • Fixed the formatting in the character pages. As we (hopefully) add some more folks, this will become more important.
  • Added a random archive snippet in the sidebar, just to keep the past interesting.
  • Fixed the headers so that they’re not all sever-side includes, since the host won’t SSI CGI-generated files.

Next: figuring out some way to change the black background while keeping it black.

I got somewhere to be. I gotta go. I’m gonna down some Jaeger quick, just to be facetious.

Gotta love it.

Gotta love it.