Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Tokyo Tuesday  §

1.0 oz Alandia Boheme
1.0 oz Chartreuse (Green)
0.5 oz Jaegermeister

Add 1 ice cube and Kava power to taste; stir gently.

momma, I’m not too young to try
we kissed, we hugged, we were close
very, very close
we danced in the sand
and the water rose – higher and higher
until I found myself floating – in the sky
I’m sorry mother, I’d rather fight
than have to lie
if you want me to
I will be the one
that is always good
and you’ll love me too
but you’ll never know
what I feel inside
that I’m really bad
cross my heart and hope to die,
I can not tell a lie

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