Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

1st rate institution? 3rd rate connectivity.  §

Here’s to the University of fucking Chicago, one of the hardest places in academia to communicate. Places on campus with wireless connections capable of downloading a full megabyte before losing signal: zero. Places on campus with wireless phone coverage capable of holding a call for more than a full minute: zero. Number of working mail servers, for when you do manage to get a connection: zero.

“Where are you right now?”
Sent to me: 2:14pm Received by me: 2:45pm.

“Drop it by my office, I’ll be here until 3:00.”
Sent to me: 10:18am Received by me: 3:24pm.

I’m paying for this shit. Where the fuck is all the tuition money going?