Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

When will I learn?  §

I take it back, at least partially. I just found a place on campus where I am pulling the latest Fedora beta down at more than 500k/sec. I almost have the first two discs already. Where is this place?

The Pub. Where else? And they say beer is bad for productivity… at this speed, I’ll have 1.5GB of FC2 ISOs in no time. Once again I discover that there is no better place to get work done.

Meanwhile, I am struggling with one of the papers I’m working on. It’s a chronological analysis of the transformation in social praxis resulting from the changes in the physical space of Salt Lake City’s Main Street plaza. Problem: I am not in Salt Lake City and do not remember the area between North Temple and 1st on Main well enough to write from memory. There is precious little information or data out there, apart from press releases and one dissertation on the relationship between religion and the transformation in the plaza.

Ideally, I could just wait until June, when I will be there. I worry, though, that Sewell, having already discussed this with me more than once, may be running out of humor. I also worry that this might be a humanities paper at its core, rather than a Marxist paper on power relationships and contested space. Bah.

I am running low on cash. It’s a good thing I got this project going, though it would have been nicer if the rush weren’t on until June. But oh well, I can’t fight Red Hat or their minions. Plus, I will soon be selling off some I-House shit (i.e. fridge, laser printer, DVD player, blah, blah), so that will help.

I think I’m gonna see if I can get a second project going as well, once June rolls around. No sense in doing things in a half-assed manner!

I can’t wait to be on the beach. I wanna smell the Pacific again. It’s been too long (a year already!) since I was there.