Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Sometimes you get shit done.  §

I just wrote the thesis proposal that I will actually use. It’s everything Kevin wants — it’s theoretically grounded, it sets out to resolve an interesting and detailed social problem, and most of all, it’s impressive. More importantly, it’s everything I want — I’m really familiar with the topic (so it will be very easy to write) and I’m also very engaged with it (so I will be motivated to actually do it, and to do it well). It’s also something that’s relatively under-discussed thus far. There’s one dissertation out there on it, according to WorldCat, and it’s from a significantly different perspective.

Now when I write my thesis, I will feel like I earned a real graduate degree, rather than just a few classes here and there, kiss-ass, kiss-ass, kiss-ass.

Also, I just had a Duchesse De Bourgogne.

All of the best work I’ve done on this campus, I’ve done either at The Pub or in my disaster-area womb-like I-House room. And all of the best work I’ve done while drinking. This probably says something about me.

Tee hee, I have a hematoma. 😉

No, you can’t rub it, it’s mine. (And anyway, it’s still a little tender.)

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