Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

God, I hate the way “real life” works.  §

What a fucking waste of time all of this is. Hello?! The moments of my life are ticking away and I am sitting here typing up a lot of prognostication about utter shite that nobody in the world really gives a flying fuck about. Papers? Papers?! Theses?!?!! Bah! Fucking waste of time.

All this waking time at work, and virtually none of it spent with friends, family, or anyone else we care about. Fuck the Adam Smith lifestyle and the rationalization of labor. Fuck it hard. Fuck capitalism and fuck state capitalism, too. There is an endless world out there and a limited amount of time. I will die someday soon and will have wasted most of my life as a curator and collector of exchange value.

I would give anything right now to be sitting on the beach with a twenty-four pack of cold stout playing card games or flying a kite or reading Proust. I would kill for the chance. I would kill to be driving up or down Highway 101 again. Life is short and could end at any moment and yet we spend all of our time doing what we know very well we would not be doing if this was our last week to live.

Take a moment and think about it: all of the times in your life, all of the memories that mattered to you… really mattered, really stuck with you as “the best times of my life?” How many are there? Ten? Fifteen? Maybe even less? And how many days have you been at work? How many hours have you spent making fast food or driving a truck or typing shit on a PC keyboard, waiting to go to your home and recover from it all? You can’t even count them.

Industrialized nations: YOU ARE WASTING YOUR LIVES. You have been programmed almost from birth to climb the ladder of consumption/labor-alienation, and you are doing it very well, even though at some point every one of you inevitably realizes that you’ve been had by a few people at the top of the ladder who don’t live at all the way that you’re living, even though they’re happy to encourage you to continue.

I think it is time for me to tune in, turn on, and drop out.