Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

John Denver Maudlin Creepy = Bring on the F.B.I.  §

Jesus, I feel like shite. I gotta8083 (14k image) start taking better care of myself. Not gonna be easy with the schedule I got coming up, it’s insane.

Last night at like 4.00 AM I woke up and was going to make an entry about Harris, Klebold, Hezbollah and the SLA, but in my early morning stupor I thought better of it and didn’t click the submit button. Now I can’t remember what I was gonna say. I bet it was brilliant and now it’s lost forever. That’s why life sucks.

I don’t have the patience or the awareness for class. I tried to do the reading, honest I did. I was totally at the library doing it and everything. But I was too haunted by G.W. to concentrate. Hey kids, all you need is a parent’s permission to join the Behead American Presidents club. It’s a tendon-tearin’ good time!

I am the most melancholy person I know, so right now I want a swanky lounge martini and a beatles suit. Go! And cue the talking heads’ beret-and-strings cartel. Pretentious fuckers.

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