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sore neck and too much work to do  §

I think I slept in a fscked up position… my neck is really stiff.

Rumsfeld’s Sovereignty Shell Game
Rumsfeld Bans Cameras
Diplomatic Immunity for 130,000
Banning The Vote
Combat Boots in Sunni Abu Hanifa

So, Lovelock is finally suggesting that in the face of an accelerating global crisis, nuclear may be an important technology. If society is going to start ramping up nuclear again, maybe governments and utilities will finally transcend the impossibly loaded political climate surrounding new nuclear technologies and implement the safer, more sustainable nuclear technologies that have been invented in the many intervening decades since digital watches and pocket calculators turned up.

Accelerator-driven waste-transmuting fast breeder or subcritical fast spectrum reactors like the Galena reactor, both of which produce very little long-lived radioactive waste and moderate coolant temperature by simple intervention-free convection, rather than needing moving parts and human monitors for control systems, are infinitely “greener” than traditional LWR/HWR/GMR designs.

But probably not, since it costs slightly more. We’ll end up with the same old Three Mile Island and Chernobyl designs and piles and piles of spent rods that will have to be buried at Yucca Mountain… and we’ll continue to have to mine uranium at an alarming rate (which produces an incredible amount of pollution in and of itself) rather than exploiting Pu239 created by breeding. Oh well, that would suit the Department of Homeland Security just fine, I suppose, even though the concentrations of Pu240 and Pu241 in the resulting fissionable material would make it unsuitable for weapons use.

God, the world is fscked up.

I stayed up until 4.00 in the morning, but I didn’t do any more work on, nor did I finish, the paper I was working on. Now, of course, I regret it. Fsck.

I wonder if the dead person is any of the rotten faculty or staffers that I used to want to kill. Maybe that über-bitch police officer on the first floor that jumped J.J.? I can hope…