Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

some progress made  §

I have finally laid down a rough draft for the paper for my class on social space theory. It actually reads better than I thought it would, but that may be because I’ve been at it too long. It’s fucking dense, there are references to something like 32 separate sources in only 21 pages (biblio not included).

Now I’m going to The Pub to get a beer and work on the Jakobsen paper that I have to write for the poetics and politics class. I’m way, way behind. Before week’s end, I still have to:

– finish this space paper and submit it (another 2-3 hours)
– submit expedited institutional review board shit
– write the Jakobsen paper
– read the material for my classes (I’m leading discussion)
– visit Concorde house and write it into my article
– revise what already exists of the article and submit that
– deposit a check (i.e. Citi before the fuckers close at 4.00)
– start/progress on my passions of ethnic conflict paper
– start talking to potential faculty advisors

Things are getting kind of out of hand, I don’t know how I can get all this shit done on time. So maybe I just won’t try?!

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