Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

So exhausted and delirious I almost forgot the title.  §

Without meaning to pull an all-nighter, I seem to have done so anyway. It’s 4.01 or something like that, and I have just officially finished the paper I’ve been working on (first of four that have been on the “to be done” list). It’s taken me three hours to sort the bibliography into order and dig up a couple of theorizing sentences here and there. Shit.

Summary of the night: Paper, pub, paper, library hijinks, friends’ dead friends, food, paper, blog.

Reasons why this campus is not like other campuses, but in a bad way:

1. On-campus Pub, but no place on campus or anywhere nearby where you can buy an actual six-pack.

2. No 24-hour delivery anywhere in the neighborhood.
2a. No 24-hour anything anywhere in the neighborhood.

3. No pinball machines.

4. No high-speed Internet in one of the biggest dorms (I-House, full of graduate students).

5. Undergrads actually know what they’re talking about most of the time, so there’s no real fun in finally being a graduate student.

Jesus, it’s 4.10 almost and I’m exhausted. The chances of my getting up early and being awake enough to shower, get to the library, find and then read an entire book before 1.10 in the afternoon are very small indeed. The chances of my managing to stay for that entire class, then run off to an awards ceremony immediately afterward are similarly strained.

The chances that somewhere in all of that I will visit Concorde House, finish writing the paper on the co-ops, read Jakobsen and Kennedy, begin and finish the Jakobsen and Kennedy paper, submit the paper I just finished to Sewell, and get my IRB taken care of, also before close-of-business tomorrow…

…are nil.

The most important determinant of whether or not I will feel comfortable in a given space is not whether I own it or manage its appearance or phenomenally declarative aspects, but rather whether the bulk of the general public (i.e. those people to whom I am not “close”) are forcefully absent from it.

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