Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

It’s all coming together.  §

Okay, the academic interests and a small selection of writing samples are up. This leaves only two things unlinked on the front page of the site here:

– My resumé, which badly needs an update
– An excerpt (of as-of-yet unknown length) from my masters’ thesis
– The photo portfolio/gallery/whatever

The first will take an hour or two and will eventually be a PDF download. The third shouldn’t take too long, but I need to decide on which chunk to present. The third is a little more complex, since I haven’t yet decided whether to use my own gallery or just to point to my gallery at PhotoSIG.


Time, maybe too, to put in some of the final coding time that I need to apply to another site I’ve coded for someone, Veg Santa Barbara.

I think I’m done with the online bit for today, though. Short day. Time to read some CNN and maybe go downtown later. Two days until Salt Lake City departure.

Sometimes everything in life feels strange.