Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

snowing in salt lake city  §

Busy day. Finally wrote and sent a shitload of cards too late for anyone to get them. Sent off packages, did some last-minute shopping of the “we’re doing XYZ and figured you’re pitch in” sort of thing. Cooked a lot of garlic, which is good, because I think I’m getting a cold — all the recent travel and exposure must be catching up with me.

I miss my girlfriend and her smile.

I was listening to some conservative radio and had to laugh at the “atheists vs. Christians” straw man. The host explained that he only sees crosses on top of one or two hills around Los Angeles, meaning that the other hills are all owned by the atheists already, and bemoaning the fact that the atheists now apparently want all of the hills. The conservative view is apparently so narrow (in keeping with George Bush and his “good” vs. “evil” trope) that there are nothing but Christians and atheists in it anymore. Everything on Earth fits into one of those two camps: things with crosses = Christian shit, things without crosses = atheist shit. No wonder the conservatives are so “terrified” of everything… They’re surrounded by atheists! Atheists everywhere!

Naturally, he also mentioned communism two or three times. Atheism = communism = terrorism = liberalism = environmentalism = Europe = SAAAAAAAAAAAAAATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. (Hiss, hiss, smile, wink. I’m an evil satanic atheist. All I eat is French bread and French fries and I have a picture of Kofi Annan in my wallet! Waa! Hisssssss!)