Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

resume notes  §

According to a brochure on resumés from the staffing agency I visited today, the lack of an objective is a red flag that causes human resources operatives to instantly pass you over.

According to a book on resumés I’m reading while sitting in Borders, the inclusion of an objective is ill-advised because “if you are like many cadidates you do not know the exact title of the job you’re pursuing… take up crucial space in which you could describe your qualifications.”

I take it human resources management is not an exact science.

leapdragon says:

The resume/interview/hire process is basically designed to help you demonstrate that you’re willing to sublimate your identity entirely away, as you suggest.

And, having bills to pay (as do we all), I suppose I am. 🙁

That sucks. I wish I was full of the kind of integrity necessary to starve to death in the gutter, but I just think I’m too big a whore. I guess I’m gonna get a job or at least continue to try. 😛

mystic says:

Welcome to the tortured life of an intellect…The more you know, the more you wish you didn’t know. I choose to be uneducated. Life is less complicated that way. If you see a problem, you own the resolution? No wonder we are all weeble wobbling around like a bunch of spoiled brats waiting for mommy to wipe our snosty noses. What ever happened to "real men" and "real women"? What ever happened to a "happy life"? More people…more lies…more confusion…more stupidity.