Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

life is sometimes just lousy  §

Sometimes people are so different from you that they can’t understand a single point you’re making, nor can they even begin to fathom the ways in which the things that they do actually affect you. By some odd paradox, they instead believe that they understand you in other, sometimes even more complex or subtle ways, but without ever coming close to knowing or accepting how you feel. The things that they are able to see in you are circumscribed by their own reality; they project, they misconstrue, they distort, and in so doing expend an incredible amount of energy, far more than would be required to simply understand, were they capable of doing so.

Somestimes your reality is just bigger than other peoples’ realities, not because you’re smarter or better, but because you’re less normal or more experienced, or whatever. It’s one of those classic judgments that is so loaded that people hate to make it, but it happens.

You can definitely understand other people inside and out without their ever having a clue about you. And if that happens to too many relationships in your life, it’s fucking exhausting.

l i f e = b i t t e r . s w e e t

l o t s . a n d . l o t s . o f . r e a l l y . b i t t e r

a . l i t t l e . b i t . o f . e v e n . m o r e . i n t e n s e . s w e e t