Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

hmm, feeling rusty  §

Reliance on technology can make you sloppy. I just took a basic spelling and editing test, which I should have aced. I’m so used to having dictionaries other proofing tools right at my fingertips, though, that I second-guessed myself I couple of times. I can think of at least two mistakes already.


I need to keep my skills honed and let go of the information age just a little bit.

aqueous says:


Everyone seems to think they need all the stuff they have. They don’t. We become lazy and won’t know how to take care of ourselves when the new Rome falls. Survival of the fittest will be important once again.

And the asshole in my English class will cry himself to sleep without his cell phone going off in class to let everyone know how cool he is. Fucking retard. Next time I do more than just yell at him in front of the entire class.

Why doesn’t my prof have any ovaries? It speaks poorly for women world wide.

Women [as the tangent expands] need to assert their power where they can. Do you think it helps the repressed and enslaved women of the world when a woman in the ‘progressive’ Western world ‘let’s [offensive act] slide’ or just doesn’t make her voice heard?

In case you were wondering: IT DOESN’T!!!

Go find yourself a sex slave scared to look into anyone’s eyes and tell me you’ve overstepped by making your female voice heard.

Go to Nicaragua and look at all the impoverished 9-13-year-old boys begging to shine your shoes for pennies and wonder where the girls of the same age are. Tell me that not standing up for the woman next to you in the United States doesn’t harm those girls in Nicaragua.

Look at Africa and all the female heads of household who are forced to submit to men’s condom-free sexual desires as they prostitute themselves to feed their children, siblings, parents, grandparents. Now tell me not pushing for women’s reproductive rights in the United States doesn’t harm those AIDS-stricken African women.

Now turn to me and tell me I’m overreacting.

Fuck you.