Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

you’re never quite on your game  §

I’m getting a new phone, this not being able to make calls is ridiculous. The best phone I ever had signal-wise was a TDMA Nokia 6360, so I’m gonna try and grab a GSM version (i.e. 6340i) and hopefully that will do me just as well. It’s a brick compared to the little-ass LG I have right now, but if little-ass LG isn’t actually good for making any phone calls, then what good is it?

Waiting game today. Waiting for a job phone call from a job I think I’ve got a chance of landing. Waiting for the check that I’m going to get tomorrow from the temp people. Waiting for the middle of the day so that I have an excuse to go to Taco Bell. Waiting for the evening so that I have an excuse to have a beer.

Maybe I’ll have a beer now and forget about all the rest. 🙂

In ten years I’m going to be Dr. Hsiao, Professor. My Grandfather did pretty well by his kids and grandkids. Once I get mine, there will be six Doctors and three Masters among his children and grandchildren (and there aren’t all that many) and nobody over twenty-five without a college education.

Ah-gong, your unfailing belief in and drive for education and enlightenment — the thing that you most ardently desired for your children and grandchildren — has done us well. Someday, I hope to know some fraction of what you knew; I hope to be able to give to others some fraction of what you gave (and gave without ever really even needing to say a word).

True strength is silent. Invisible until long after it has triumphed, it stands the test of time. When all the lights begin to dim, it’s the only thing that remains.