Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

i hate capital  §

Bankers are evil, evil people. I’m not rich right now. I wait for two weeks for a $350 check that I earned through hard temping. I’m trying to pay bills. I deposit the check. I pay bills. Rather then process the deposit first, my bank processes the bills first, then the deposit later the same day, even though I physically made the deposit first, and they paid the transactions. The result: 25% (one fourth) of my check went to overdraft and cycle fees against a deposit made on the same day as the bills I paid later, that they paid out on rather than deny due to lack of funds. But of course their interests are not served by such logic.

They hold onto deposits until the end of the day, once they know you’ve got money coming into your account and they know any new charges are covered, to see if they can get you on overdrafts and then process the deposit at the end of the day. If I haven’t made a deposit, they just deny transactions (insufficient funds), but if I have, they’re happy to process it as late as they possibly can and in the meantime to pay out on every transaction, racking up overdraft fees over and over in the meantime. And of course it’s all legal.

These people need to be shot. They need to be ass-raped with a 1/2″ drill bit, then shot. They are the reason the revolutionaries put people against the wall, then gouge their eyes out with unsharpened pencils, then trim their ears with scissors, then drain their blood through a puncture directly through the chest and into the heart made with a rusty coat hanger.


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