Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

working hard but earning none  §

I’m young, bright, motivated, and skilled. Why am I also broke?


– Sent out app packets to CCSF and PCC (took all day yesterday and most of today!)
– Played some more in the student loan maze
– Snagged the CVS for usbvision
– Checked my bank balances and frowned


– Interview
– Los Angeles?

I am exhausted. So fscking exhausted it hurts. I just want to curl up and sleep and sleep and sleep. But I can’t, the pressure’s on. I’m jobless and in debt and things are coming due and society is not prepared to grant me any sort of reprieve whatsoever.

leapdragon says:

They both piss on my leg and leave food all around when they eat.

Sonicfreefall says:

Ever notice how much in commen stupid people and stupid dogs have in common?

leapdragon says:

Secret: I’ll bring the other blog back before the end of the year. But I need some development time and some cash… both of which will come later.

Sitting here in Los Angeles, the following bit made me smile: You’re such a loser that you have to hate people who aren’t. Well I’m not a loser so I reserve the right to hate people who are.

Actually, the whole damn thing made me smile. I couldn’t agree with you more, in every possible way, about everything.

In short, WE WIN. Ha! Everyone else will object strenuously

aqueous says:

I wish you weren’t broke. I wish I wasn’t either. I want the blog back. I miss it. I can only blog through you and that’s pathetic.

Here’s my blog:

I hate people who are assholes in general but especially to me specifically. And then he finds out I’m in a position of power over him and he acts all nice, asking me how I am and smiling at me.

Fuck you, asshole! Fuck you and the undeserved cruel words you threw at me the last time we really interacted. You’re just a flake which is why I hate you. You’re such a loser that you have to hate people who aren’t. Well I’m not a loser so I reserve the right to hate people who are.

You’re so stupid that you kept having kids with your "ex" girlfriend after you broke up. You’re so stupid that you had to go to Planned Parenthood with your "ex" and your new girlfriend so you could all get tested together. You’re so stupid that you think juggling on the street next to an up-turned hat is the best way to support all of you children. You’re so stupid that you can’t even think of a better nickname to be known by other than Dux. What a shite name.

I could go on and on but it’s quite apparent what an idiot you are. And, of course, because I’m not a loser and you are, I’m above proving how shitty you are and how much better I am than you.

That said, let me sum up by saying FUCK YOU!