Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

inari sushi  §

How do you make it? I must do research.

I have listed a pile of small-value things on eBay. I need to list another pile shortly. I’m running near the end of my rope. I’m gonna call the temp people and see if they have anything. If I don’t get this job this week, there is a chance that I’ll cease to exist. At all. Because in our culture, if you have no car, no phone, and no money, you are simply not there.

Not good.

There was this function last night at which other University of Chicago grads were also attending. It was like a meeting of the Good Old Boys network. It would have been great if it were I weren’t so broke (the lack of financial power being an omnipresent reminder of the fact that I’m not really so successful after all, at much of anything, yet).

I wish I was more career-minded. Now, getting closer to a year after leaving campus, I am wishing I’d used the Career Advising and Planning Services office. Whenever such things are available to me, I tell myself (and sometimes everyone else) that I don’t need that stuff, I’m far too independent. Then, later on, when other people are swimming in a sea of coin and opportunity and I’m not, and the service is no longer available to me, I realize that I’m a fool.

Gotta learn. Gotta learn.