Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

worst night’s sleep, ever  §

send transmission from
the one armed scissor:
cut away! cut away!

rotten, rotten dreams and undue physical discomfort all night

leapdragon says:

Years ago, I’d have said "it’s time to leave the country."

But there are Wal-Marts in China, McDonalds in Qatar, and Pizza Huts in Paris now. We win, we have Americanized the world. They hate us for it, in fact. With good reason.

Just as Horkheimer and Adorno predicted, we have taken all of the magic that ever was and replaced it with bills, technologies, and selfishness. We have paid to end all dreams and have them replaced with mission statements, outlooks, busywork, and expensive fine dining.

The Nazis tried it, but they failed, having not been cynical enough. But we didn’t make the same mistake.

Rationalization. Instrumental reason. Progress.



mystic says:

I think I slept maybe 2 hours last night!?! Within that hour, my mind wouldn’t shut off and in crept the all too familar nightmares…this one involved one of my daughters getting attacked by an outraged Marine whose training to kill whatever moves by our possessed president (no cap’s for that ass hole…no toilet paper either!)…is only doing what he was trained to do…(and this involved the daughter who ISN’T in Iraq…that is another chapter of nightmares!)…living this life, this two faced lie…is killing my spirit. No wonder so many people give up their child-hood dreams for the sake of "growing old"…the child in us is beat out by growing up responsible. I am sick of being "responsible"…I am sick of worrying about debt and paychecks…I am sick of my boss and his condesending attitude towards my relationship…fuck them all!