Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

8/40=280*52  §

I’ve grown accustomed over the years to being the only person alive in a room — or a building, or even a town — that is otherwise full of dead people. (The exception being in the world of academics, where most everyone is alive.)

Now I’m one of the dead people, too. It’s not as lonely… but it’s still somehow worse.

leapdragon says:

People who always did what everyone told them to do seem to have progressed better than those of us who told them to go and fuck themselves, or even just those who wanted to tell them to go and fuck themselves.

Regrettably, the first step in winning the game seems to be liking the game. I guess it stands to reason, but it still sucks. After all, what could be more fair for those that really hate the status quo than success in leiu of happiness, since the people that love the game get all the happiness.

But no, that would be too fair. So the people that love the game get the success and the happiness.

Tautological psychology. But I don’t care. I want either success or happiness anyway. I mean, if the world isn’t gonna give me anything, what’s my motivation to not storm the Micky’D’s with an Uzi and take out some funny-hat-what-can-i-get-you-todays?

Sonicfreefall says:

The time s VERY SHORT between the following two statements… and it passes faster than you can blink.

1) People do not respect you and pay much attention to you because you are young, naive, and full of uncontrollable wickedness.

2) People do not respect you and pay much attention to you because you are old, naive (to the "new" world around you), and slow.

"You should be doing beter that you are doing" is starting to haunt my days.

You remember that feeling…. right? It’s that feeling you get when you missed a day of school and all the other kids learned somehing that made them understand thing a little better… and you are left trying to catch up… and never really do…

I need a smack of childhood. Shit. that’s not possible. (I think)