Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

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other things:

i’m pretty lonely right now
i don’t know anyone here
i can’t afford a soda or a beer
i have a lot of work to do
people are going out of their way to make it hard to do my work
business people are stupid and academics are really smart
but the business people think it’s the other way around, haha

it’s hard to feel embarrassed for them, though, considering how well they milk it

leapdragon says:

Harmir is, without a doubt, one of the best, strongest people alive, as is evidenced by the care that he gives to his daugther, who didn’t necessarily begin as his, but who became his very quickly and who will now be his forever, as the result of his being one of the most loving, dedicated people ever to exist.

I’ll never be nearly the person that he is. But I at least get to know him. 🙂

mystic says:

my son discovered the truth about my mother…she doesn’t want to be happy…she would rather wallow in the filth and stench of her own self pity…it better not be hereditary…what the hell? sit at home and feel sorry for yourself…or go out in the world and make other people miserable? wow…life is grand…the only thing (person) keeping me from jumping off right now is your best friend. he is the one that deserves a gold medal…

mystic says:

before you open that blinked eye, your paycheck is spent…before then, the government has taken what they want, and before that, your employer has stolen your spirit…damn the world for surpressing the creative, intelligent and compassionate people of this overpopulated planet! Damn this fucked up country for killing the John Lennon’s and letting the Bush live! No wonder I hate it here…where are people who value what I value? Apparently they didn’t vote or I am one of a dying breed that hasn’t been killed like all the other dead people…instead, I am stuck in this shell that won’t die…so I am left suffering through this mess…On the bright side of things, my boss figured out that I am not happy with him or his puckered asshole promotion…I received "congratulations" calls and emails today…welcoming me into the "elite few"…the secretaries that assist the "top dogs"…fuck that shit! I am not, nor ever will conform to the norm…it doesn’t exist. I miss Severin…I miss our bitch sessions…I don’t miss the woman who doesn’t see the treasure laid before her pirate eyes…I miss being nice to Harmir…I really wish I was 50% as kind as he is…but instead I am a bitch…like the rest of the fat, lazy assed old women of the boring nursing home. The ones with a missing spirit…crap I wish I could get drunk with Severin and Harmir at the beach again! That was fun guys! Those are the memories I want wrote on my head stone!!! Maybe not the pictures…