Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

days of our lives  §

Sometimes you wish you weren’t the guy who gets paid to take the heat.

But you just have to put on your flame-retardant gear and do it anyway.

leapdragon says:

I’ll try to call you tonight. I’ve just been working like a maniac. There’s the 8-5 editor gig, then I transition immediately to a coffee shop to work on my next book until late P.M. Full submission deadline is at the end of this month for like 800 pages of material.

Basically, my phone isn’t with me most of the time because I’m working such long hours. And somehow I still don’t feel like I have any money. :-/

aqueous says:

Sometimes I wish a lot of things.

Where have you been? I’ve needed you more than I have in a long time.