Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

blue monday  §

I am growing to dislike Mondays. 🙁

I feel uncomfortable and out of sorts and I want to go home and take pictures with my camera (which I don’t have).

mystic says:

i miss california. NOT Santa Barbara which everyone knows, is the poor version of stuck up Bev Hills..only the snotty attitude is the same…I miss the sun rising and setting over head not in the south. I miss the open minded people in Chester (Northern CA, NOT Sacramento…which is the middle of CA!) where kids can ride their bikes down the road without a helmet and walk home from the movie theater at night without fear of being kidnapped by some deranged idiot. i miss the heat. the only thing that grows in oregon is mold!

mystic says:

monday’s suck. i compare them to returning to prision after 2 days away. returning to the plastic personality of the corporate world. returning to customer service opportunities that are actually, no matter who or how you look at it, are interruptions! people interrupt our lives cuz they want something from us. my friend is downstairs making seiton for our lunches this week. my lunch hour with him is the best hour of the day.