Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

friday morning auspicious miniature  §

Inside a month.

This morning the green oracle says: Drink Coke Play Again

mystic says:

I wonder what the world would be like if we all removed our masks? Thank you for your input, as always, it is a reminder that there are other tortured humans out there. Better to be naive and live in the shadow? I dunno…all I know is very few people on this planet are content with what they got. It is like, something better, bigger, faster…less time consuming…is right around the corner…then we die and no longer wonder what it is exactly we were looking for.

leapdragon says:

There are irreconcilable differences between any two human beings you can select. There is also not a person alive who wants to be alone. So:

1) We will hurt each others’ feelings. Often.

2) We want company anyway, because alone-ness is worse.

Best case scenario: everyone understands that everyone will hurt everyone a lot of the time, and everyone just agrees to connect with one another on a regular basis anyway.

Problem is, it’s really tough to play when you’re on the receiving end of hurt. Then it falls to the other person to realize they’re doing the hurting and to try to be gentle/patient/committed. Bigger problem is when you’re both on the receiving end of the hurt at the same time, and nobody wants to play at all.

I don’t know. It’s all a mess. Sometimes it sux to be together and it sux to be alone.

That’s when you wave your "Life is hard, get a helmet." flag, cry bitterly, drink, maybe accidentally choke on your own vomit and die, or maybe wake up tomorrow and get over it.

That seems to be pretty much the gig, as far as I can tell: get born, flail about wildly in pain and ecstasy, never get it right (because the game is fscking rigged anyway), die a meaningless death and get forgotten.

Not too original, but then, everything’s been done already anyway.

mystic says:

I am nothing on this world. Just another speck of dust on the earth. I pollute…I hurt peoples feelings…I try to numb my pain with escaping through booze or hiding behind my fear by leaving them behind…they always catch up. Am I just another greedy human trying to get through life as fast as I can so I can die?

mystic says:

If we spend a lifetime educating ourselves and do not apply that for which we learned, are we better off than the person who didn’t do anything because they didn’t know how? Does it benefit men to bash on women or women to bash on men if they are not willing to become homosexual? What good is it to fix someone else’s problems when we are blind to our own? Who does it benefit? And why should it? I am responsible for my partners fears in life…including the fear of me. How can I change that? Become more like him? Change myself to be what he wants? Then who am I? Am I the one that holds him back from happiness? I cannot carry that responsiblity without falling down.