Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

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The American “experiment” about which we all heard so much in school… has failed. I suppose I should have expected it, but seeing footage of Bush (president of a superpower) demanding that we teach “intelligent design” in the classroom came as a shock. Then seeing CNN say that it’s a “scientific debate” that “scientists don’t want to have” sealed the deal.

It’s like hearing the claim that as a society we don’t have enough debate about whether mathematics can really help you to count things, or whether all of those equations are in actuality just “superstition” and antichrist pop paganism (as the intelligent design people say about evolution).

(They say these things — get their message across — through electric microphones and charge-coupled-device rapid multiframe synchronous image capture systems that perform analog-to-digital conversions at millions of bits per second, feeding the resultant data stream into a wireless high Earth orbit communications satellite grid fed by radio waves to millions of phosphor-electron-impact imaging devices a.k.a. television sets across the nation that rely on a national three-phase 60 hertz power distribution grid for operation. All of this stuff having, of course, arisen by mysticism and prayer — nothing at all to do with the scientific method or modernity.)

It all goes to show what some have known all along: “democracy” is a flop. Let a herd of sheep vote on what the most powerful force in the universe is and they’ll swear as a group that it’s a decent cover of clover, and they’ll follow that insight by voting that the most important thing that they can as a group do is cover the entire meadow with a giant, opaque tarp — because everyone knows that clover doesn’t grow while you can see it.

No, the tyranny of the übermensch is the best way to feed and clothe the underlings.

In the meantime, leave this country. Soon it will be a second-rate monarchy with a pasty, mediocre aristocracy, like Monaco without the housewife chic. Imagine the education level of an impoverished child in Myanmar, being raised in an evangelical family. Now imagine the kid deaf, dumb, retarded, beaten senseless, and clutching a crucifix while drooling on a Gideon bible. Now imagine 20 I.Q. points below that.

That’s gonna be the next generation of American high school graduates.