Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

growing apart  §

is the saddest sensation in the world 🙁

though I suppose with 11 of 22 months apart and half of the rest spent working on papers, there’s not much else to expect

really my girlfriend, my family, and my friends all seem about a billion miles away right now, plastic and unreal and nonexistent and unimportant; they are little drunken mirages that stumble around somewhere behind the lenses of my eyeballs, having no bearing on life as it actually is or on my feelings as I actually have them

I have lost all of my people, and I despair at ever getting them back in any meaningful way

my inability to establish object permanence has emptied my world of souls

there is only me and me alone

work tomorrow


i am such damaged goods right now 🙁
and i am way lonely 🙁

bacchus to the rescue
take me away!