Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

more nonsense  §

Welcome to America.
You will be issued a gun.
This is a **high-risk** zone; caution is essential.
For your safety, we recommend that you shoot on sight:

– Chief Executive Officers
– Policemen
– Soldiers
– Congressmen
– Senators
– Presidents
– Preachers

Please have your wallet ready. You may be asked to surrender it to the taxman at any time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will not be held responsible for your housing, feeding, clothing, or health. We make no guarantee of survival, either express or implied.

Jesus H. Christ, remind me never, ever to go to Atlanta.

The U.S. Government has not yet accepted aid from other nations, despite offers totalling billions.

Hundreds of firefighters and emergency personnel have been brought to Baton Rouge only to sit around playing chess and football and reading novels, not being allowed in with their selves or their equipment to help.

Despite hours-long lines to “register for aid” and the assurance that FEMA is on top of things, not a single cent of aid or a single article of clothing has yet been given directly to survivors by the federal government. All monetary aid, shelter aid, clothing aid, as well as most food and water aid, is being donated by local governments and private organizations, not the feds.

Though the feds are happy to appropriate $60bn for “relief.”

In addition to the nearly $300bn on Iraq.

Those few citizens in the suburbs that do still have electricity, water and food stores, and an intact home are being forcibly evacuated to mass shelters where there is no electricity, no running water, and no water and food stores, only to be deported shortly out of state thereafter, owning nothing in the world and with no contribution of property or aid by the government to their state of affairs.

Death to the U.S.A.

Note to Bush + the Feds: Take the aid money.

The $60bn you have so casually “appropriated” from our own budgets comes on the backs of citizens via tax revenue — in an already troubled economy — that has just seen several hundred thousand people become unemployed due to the destruction of jobs — representing a giant surge in surplus labor that will drive wages down further — and make that tax burden ever so much heavier — and it’s already insanely high thanks to bombs and tanks — not services for the citizens — I mean, you can see the level of services we get, actually —

Take the FUCKING aid money. You bomb the hell out of the world, then the world is generous enough to offer us help anyway, and now you’re going to be so offensive and nose-in-air as to refuse it?

Jesus H. Christ.

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