Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

women suck  §

I hate women. I just fucking utterly hate women.

All any of you can do is protect and indulge yourselves while destroying other people. And if anyone calls you on it, you set up this straw man: “well if I didn’t, you would hurt me first.”

Well I’ve never done shit to you. I’ve always been good to all of you, and all of you have done nothing but serve yourselves in return, conveniently claiming to do it for me when it coincides with my needs, then dismissing me like a schoolboy when it doesn’t, playing the “oppressed woman” card if I call you out on it. I’m not even there, to any of you. No men are. Why we put up with any of you I’ll never know.

You feel entitled to everything and take it without faith or loyalty, caring or compassion. You are a disease on the world, selfish and self-absorbed, uncaring and cold, the ultimate consumers, digesting everything that stands in your way, then spitting it out again like so much gristle.