Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

dammit  §

This will not do. I have nothing lined up. I take these days off now and then, and I have weekends, and I am supposed to be spending that time putting in 12 hours a day on myself and my future, rather than giving it, as I do the rest of the time, to the man… but instead I feel so completely beaten down that when such day(s) come up, instead of looking for work, putting together book or dissertation proposals, etc., I end up just sitting on the beach pouring sand on my feet for hours at a time, trying to let the ya-ya’s out.

I have to get things in the pipeline or I am doomed. Tonight. Tonight I have to make myself work after I leave work. I have to stay awake and put together some book proposals and send them out, and send out some resumés, and make some contacts.

Otherwise I am doomed. I can’t afford to walk out of here on October 7 and have absolutely nothing going on.

Capitalism SUCKS.

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