Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

to all the people who ever asked…  §

…the question: “Why can’t you love me for who I am?”

The answer is simple. Did you ever consider the obvious possibility that some things are simply not loveable?

I am always surprised at the assumptions about reality that are implicitly encoded into the questions that people ask and the statements that people make. What if what you do is not loveable? What if it flies in the face of loveability? If you do what you can to push people’s buttons, perhaps it’s time you saw through the pretense and faced the fact that revenge makes opponents, egos breed enemies, right makes not only might but also loneliness, and so on.

Some things are (gasp) not loveable. Are you really, truly shocked by that statement? Did you really believe that there was somebody, somewhere, that would love everything, even the most base thing that you could possibly do? More to the point, ask yourself: as one person among nearly seven billion people, do you feel that you warrant affection, above and beyond the others? Are you the person that complains about the beloved whores while sleeping alone? If so, you’d better think hard before you complain again.

If you are not loveable, then you have no right to expect to be loved. Period.

Next time you (yes, you) are ready to ask why someone can’t love or “accept” you for who you really are, ask yourself a couple more basic questions first:

Are you really loveable?
Are you really acceptable?

Given the choice among all the people on Earth, would you love you?
Given the choice among all the people on Earth, would you accept you?

Will you provide a reasonable return on the affection that people invest in you?
Compared to all the others?

If not, then **shut the fucking hell up and be glad of what you get.**

Stupid fucking egocentric self-centered redundant Americans.