Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

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– Did not yet end up in Chicago
– nor New York, the east bay, Portland, Burlington, or Alaska
– No RV purchased yet
– Cash dwindling
– Seeking work but not quite as hard as could be
– Beer
– Getting older and feeling your balls crawl up into you, a little bit at a time
– Beer
– Entirely preoccupied by the thought of returning to school
– Hoping still to find a spot in an adjunct pool until then

Have walked a beagle half a dozen times in twice as many days. Miss having pets. Beagle shoes at Petsmart: $15-45. I apparently shop at Petsmart now.

Was I ever cooler than this? Hard to remember. Maybe not. Been a while.

In order to hang out with your friends, you have to be within fucking spitting distance of them. You can always make new friends, but I get tired of how tired that makes me and I think instead it might be nice to join a monastery and break myself.

Finally got some of the powers that be to agree to recommend me for the programs that I will be applying to in ten minutes. Finally created a myspace profile so that I continue to exist (I remember when it was enough to have a web page, and before that, when it was enough to piss at least once a day).


I am not edgy and urbane. I am not crudely anatomical. I am not prescient and topical. I am barely awake. Things are not particularly wonderful, nor are they particularly horrible. They just are, which is, I suppose, the nature of this city, and why everyone tends to leave it. If you’re going to kill God, you’d better be prepared to replace him with rape+pillage and epics. Without such things, you garden.

addicts are kooler than jesus, yeah


Aqueous says:

Oh, and Burlington? For real? Hum, I don’t think it will ever happen. Of course, you’re always invited, but let’s be realistic. I know you maybe a bit too well (‘maybe not at all,’ you’re thinking right now).

Huh. Maybe some way far off day. Yeah, maybe then.

Aqueous says:

After checking this thing over and over and constantly being told I was misdirected, I gave it up. Nice to see you’re back at it.

I certainly don’t know what to make of you on MySpace.

I often wondered what it would be like if you were a MySpacer since I know you’ve been checking my blog on there. I guess the romantic idea (whatever it was) is gone and the reality will set in (and probably let me down because I’m a pessimist and that’s how I think). Of course, there’s always the chance that the pessimist in me will be elsewhere when the time comes but I can never be sure.