Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

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it . is . december . 25

I came to remember tonight that for most of my life, I have regarded general positivity not as a virtue, but as both a weakness and as a vice.

Optimism and acceptance can acquit or absolve the past, but only skepticism and dogged determination can build the future. Bank on it. Touch it. Own it…

…I am it.

Only the unsatisfied are great. The rest are just along for the embarrassment.

I win and I dominate. Watch this noise. Watch it.

Impeach Nixon — er — Bush, and get out of Vietnam — er — Iraq!

leapdragon says:

You got it. I want to climb inside and get. I’ll be on the run forever and ever. There is nothing else but being on the run, the trick I’m starting to think is that you gotta learn to do it right and enjoy it. Better on the run in a Winnebago than on the run in a 6×9 cube.

Death to us all, if we’re lucky, and peace too. Peace too.

mystic says:

by the way, your noise is music to reality!!!! wish more would tell the truth besides dennis leary and leapdragon!

mystic says:

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