Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

So, it is happening.  §

The expected but unthinkable is happening. The U.S. ambassador to Iraq has been ordered to try to vacate the results of the Iraqi election (you remember: the one that they claimed made all of this shit worthwhile and proved that things were “going well”) because of course it is now obvious to anyone watching that the Iraqis have voted for terrorists, and we don’t work with terrorists, so until they’re ready to vote the right way (snark), they just won’t get to vote any longer and we’ll put our own people in charge.

This comes just hours after allegations (supported by all sides — journalists, workers, natives) that we have begun terrorizing mosques and killing the women and children inside of them, all in addition to our support of the Death Squads that are roving around the country killing and beheading people by the dozen.

So, out of the deal the Iraqis ultimately have won an externally-imposed murderous tyranny (as opposed to Hussein, who was at least one of their own and preserved order well), the destruction of every facet of their society, property, and safety, and the injuries or deaths of 33x more people than died at WTC — not that the two are connected (they’re not, the Iraqis had nothing to do with it, but the Administration used this lie as their justification for invasion, or one of the many anyway, each of which has now been found to be a lie).

Great Satan? You decide. I know I have.

ON the home front (forgive me, I’ve just been driving around the city listening to local news), a “ring” of youngish women is currently burgling the entire valley by simply walking from place to place, door to door, and taking what they want, then pooling and liquidating it for cash. Some have been caught. Apparently, they believe that it is an owner’s responsibility to lock his items/house/car up, and if he or she doesn’t, then that counts as a failure to maintain ownership on their part, and young girls should be able to take whatever isn’t nailed down, since they’re just trying to get ahead like everyone else and it’s only fair and they can’t see what the big deal is it’s not like they broke the law or are hurting anyone or anything.

God Bless America.


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