Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Woohoo  §

Power’s back on. I’m too much a post-20th century city kid to know what to do without electricity on a snowy day. Hurm. Snow is still falling at a crazy rate.

I love the smell of alpine… I miss it…

leapdragon says:

Heh… Yeah, a bunch of power substations went dark because of snow weight this morning, including ours. A bunch of trees split as well. It didn’t build up too far because the ground was too warm, but it was heavy. I’d say we got up to maybe four inches and then just stayed there as it fell, getting wetter.

It snowed like mad until maybe noon or one. I didn’t make a snow angel, but I did make a momentary snowman. By 3.00, though, it was sunny and getting warmer, and now (6.something) it’s fifty degrees and all melted away and you’d never know it happened.

Smells like alpine weather still, though.

I seem to recall learning in grade school that the Ute tribe had a word for "last snow day of spring, after the blooms are out" but I can’t remember just off the top of my head what it was. I guess this was probably it, though I remember in the ’90s at some point we had snow in June a couple of days in a row. That was damn cool. 🙂

Anyway, the freeways were crammed with last-chance resortgoers, naturally. Wrecks all around. I saw a cop spin out at one point on I-215 and had to snicker. Damn jackass bought the hype: "I’m a cop, so I can’t possibly be subject to road conditions like anyone else."

Heh… no such luck for him.

Aqueous says:

It’s snowing enough to make the power go out? If you lived in Arkansas then we’d know it had just snowed .25" but we all know you don’t live in Arkansas.

Is there enough for a snow angel?