Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

How does one avoid despair?  §

So many things are broken… The entire world follows our government into not merely pervasive, but taken-for-granted corruption and imperial violence. As a government “of the people,” it reflects well the universal human zeitgeist, an uneasy mix of willfull ignorance, greed, and wanton abandon. The culture of the self and the mass-id spreads across the globe, as does the culture of avarice and the culture of disintegrity. Everything is hollow, everything is evil, and unless you are prepared (and able) to be those things, too, you cannot prosper—though you are free to observe the cannibalism in every quarter from beneath whatever lonely rock you can find.

You cannot even eat; soon you will not even breathe; the other species will join you in your death.

How do you avoid despair? What is to keep you from suicide, homicide, patricide, genocide? Has the world always been like this? Is something different, magnified, accentuated with the coming of modernity?

I want to vomit. I open my eyes and I want to vomit. Everything is so disgusting, so ill, so twisted, so venerated in its moral vacuousness. I look at the Cultural Revolution almost romantically. I won’t presume to argue about all of the factors that “really” precipitated its advance, but I can tell you why the common man has historically participated in movements that were seen by later (and usually lesser, though also paradoxically more innocent) men to be tragedies.

It is all despair and the will to power that comes only from the deepest of injuries and even deeper moral purity. Indeed, moral purity is the greatest cause of violence, as ultimately nearly all violence ever done in the history in the world has been, at the most ruthlessly bare level, nothing other than just.

That is the dirty truth of all of this. That is the crux: tyranny and murder are, more often than not, the highest justice. Tolerance and mercy are in truth the greater moral crimes, though they are of course at the same time the more human of virtues. It is human to end suffering, but it is also unjust if such suffering is well-deserved. Humanity and morality, in essence, are diametrically opposed.

Even as an atheist I must thus posit original sin and it its unyielding intelligence. Higher thought is the gum that spanners the all works, and, as is the case with pop music and the oroberous, it will eventually eat itself. I only hope I am among the first to be digested.


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