Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

lies  §

In your private life, you claim to be a complete amateur at everything so that people aren’t so quick to jump on your ass and beat you down if you fuck up even a little bit. In your professional life, you claim to be an überprofessional at everything so that HR managers aren’t so quick to dismiss your resumé and leave you out of a job when everybody else inflates their credentials.

If you tell the truth about anything, the Department of Homeland Security comes and tortures you to death in front of your children for being unAmerican enough to display filthy, rank honesty.

leapdragon says:

The key to life is to learn to recognize your loved ones and and your enemies, and to never, ever get the two of them mixed up. Half the population seems to have trouble with this.

mystic says:

no kiddin! as soon as the check arrives in the mail, so do the blood hounds! but if you stutter, they will chop you down lower than mulch.
Who I thought was my enemy has now become my friend. I know nothing. Her voice on my "pay-as- you-use" phone VM, made me smile. I didn’t think that was possible.